Ruffle Boots from Shiny Things

Fallingwater Cellardoor of Shiny Things devoted two and a half weeks of full-time work to create her new sculpted Ruffle Boots, and the results are stunning! Available in four colours – black, chocolate, coffee, and scarlet – the detail and texturing on these boots are truly exquisite.

The name Ruffle comes from the distinctive ruffling on the uppers and tongue, which – along with the shoe buttons – lend the boots a vintage charm. Look closely and you can see the exceptional care Fallingwater has invested in perfecting the texturing and ensuring all the details of design are exact.


Captivated by the old world charm of these boots, I decided to teleport to Barcelona del Oeste, one of my favourite sims, where I tried on a number of outfits to get a feel for what would work best. I settled on jeans and pants as my personal preference, but there’s no question these boots are versatile enough to work with dresses and skirts too.


Ruffle Boots in Chocolate


Ruffle Boots in Coffee


Ruffle Boots in Scarlet


Ruffle Boots in Black

Full Credits after the cut.

Photo 1: Ruffle Boots in Chocolate from Shiny Things

Photo 2 (Ruffle Boots in Chocolate): Roxy Jeans in Black from Opium; Nautical Star Tank in Black from Wrong; Jewelry from Shiny Things

Photo 3 (Ruffle Boots in Coffee): Roxy Jeans in Prefade from Opium; Nautical Star Tank in White from Wrong: Jewelry from Shiny Things

Photo 4 (Ruffle Boots in Scarlet): Steampunk Coat in Red from Civvies; Wishmaster Pants in Brown/Copper from DE Designs; Junkbead Choker from Angry Monkey

Photo 5 (Ruffle Boots in Black): Douceur Pants with Blue Bordeaux Lace Bustier from French Gallery; Jewelry from Shiny Things

In all shots: Light SkinGloss Skin in Grass makeup from Minnu Model Skins; Sea Nymph II Hair (limited edition) in Pearl from ETD

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