WRONG Remodelled Reopens

To celebrate the opening of the newly remodelled WRONG, I’m posting some of designer Kaysha Sion’s personal favourites from her collection.

Kaysha describes the WRONG look as “pop punk” with lots of attitude. While the look says edgy and rebellious, the designer’s skill and artistry is impeccable. Check out the exquisite colouring on the Skull Tank in Black, and the precise detailing of the Black Bondage Mini (left). Kaysha told me she’s most proud of her Ripped Jeans, shown here in grey, and you only have to admire the exceptionally detailed texturing  to see why. Note too the precise folds and shading on the Barbed Tank in White.


The casual simplicity of WRONG, combined with the designer’s painstaking attention to every detail, explains the success of Kaysha’s popular fashions. The Work Shirt with Nautical Star below (paired with the Black Bondage Mini) demonstrates Kaysha’s casual perfection perfectly.


And finally, here’s Kaysha in a rare moment of relaxation. You can read my profile on this brilliantly successful SL designer in this week’s issue of Metaverse Messenger (scroll to page 14).


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Peasant Rising at Angry Monkey

Vas Legend of Angry Monkey designs gear for a post-apocalyptic world. Get ready for the days beyond thunderdome. I dropped into Angry Monkey the other day, and had to grab this scorched-earth-friendly number called “Peasant Rising.”  Features arm and wristbands of leather, rope, bones and feathers, plus a nifty piece of chest armour that offers absolutely no protection for the chest but will for sure prove useful when running from poison darts and arrows.


Turning up the heat in the Wastelands (above). Bones on wrist band taken from carcass of vulture who made the mistake of thinking I was roadkill.


Not so gratuitous ass shot intended to display peasant chest armour that actually protects the back, although clearly armour is designed more for gratuitous ass display.


 For those colderthanawitch’scooch days, I picked up the Coat of Wulfric. This wolf hide cloak makes me feel warm and safe just knowing there’s one less predator out there wanting to eat me. (Note the nifty kickass boots that come with the coat.)


“Oh Grama, what big teeth you have!” The innovative wolf-jaw clasp attaches the coat securely to the shoulder.

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