“Miss Payton” by Anessa Stine

Anessa Stine captured the prize in the Photo Contest during yesterday’s PhotoStage Launch at Alexander Beach. Here’s Anessa’s stunning portrait “Miss Payton” featuring model Payton Heron wearing LeeZu Baxter Designs‘ PinkUp Dress and posing with Animah‘s “little clown” pose. Congratulations once again Anessa!


You can find out more about the amazing PhotoStage at the AMS website or by watching my “guided tour” video. Inworld, please visit our demonstration site where you can try out the PhotoStage and also purchase it, as well as our other fine media products: PhotoLite, PhotoStand and PhotoTools Pro. You can also purchase from On Rez and SL Exchange on the web.

The PhotoStage Launch was kindly sponsored by Animah, Corbing Carling Photography, InStyle Fashion Agency, J&J Photo and Design Studio, Kali Meads Studio, LeeZu Baxter Designs, Maitreya, OPIUM Everyday and Photos by Lolita. Many thanks to our sponsors for their generous contributions.

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