Free Animah Poses with PhotoStage

Animah crafts some of the best poses on the grid! From flirty to sultry, fierce to pouty, what I love most about Animah is the natural look to every pose.


Animah recently teamed up with Ananke Media Systems (AMS) to offer a gift card of six free poses (value L$300) when you purchase PhotoStage, PhotoLite or PhotoTools Pro. Each of these products includes a high quality pose stand with rotation pinning, a preloaded set of unique poses specially created for AMS, and the ability to add more. (For more information, visit the AMS website.)

This offer will only be available until 15 May 2008, so if you’re planning to buy a high quality photo studio, don’t wait too long! 



Poses: from Animah (l to r):

Just Lingerie

New Casual 1

Catwalk Stop 1

Face Frame

Sitting Ground All Closed

Femme Fatale

Hair: Camille in Sunny from ETD

Skin: Anika in Society Makeup from Skin Within

Jewelry: Meadowlark Choker from Balderdash

Top: Meadowlark in Plum from ~silent sparrow~

Pant: BellyBelt Pant in Satin Black from LeeZu Baxter Designs

Boot: Comfy Boots in Purple from Shiny Things

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