On-Location Fashion Photography

Second Life offers an abundance of amazing locations for great fashion shoots. Yet optimizing the lighting for an on-location shoot can be challenging, which is one reason why many SL photographers opt for studio shooting. I recently took Ananke Media SystemsPhotoLite toolkit to the beach to see how this highly versatile system can enhance the look of images you capture inworld.

This first photo shows our lovely model (none other than moi – of course!) posing on the beach with the existing night lighting. Nice location – what you can see of it!

Here’s the same location with lighting and effects added from the PhotoLite toolkit. I’ve used lights to brighten certain elements in the background (the pampas grass and palms) as well as the model (isn’t she gorgeous? — okay, I’ll stop). I’ve also added a very light mist with two effects generators to soften the reflected light from the sand and provide another colour detail.

After hiding all the lights, effect generators and the pose stand with a couple of quick clicks on the  PhotoLite HUD or menus, the scene becomes a vivid yet still natural looking setting perfect for capturing the romance of LeeZu Baxter’s Noir line!

Moving in for a closer view, I made some minor adjustments in the positioning of the lights using the PhotoLite HUD – all without ever changing the camera frame! One of the beauties of AMS products is the ability to stay focussed on the specific camera angle you want while using the HUD, menu or chat controls to adjust lighting, effects and even the direction the model’s eyes are looking.

And as a final reminder, here’s that close shot again… this time without the PhotoLite enhancements. By the way, apart from cropping and resizing for the web, none of these images have been photoshopped in any way.

So there you have it. With PhotoLite, you can take your on-location fashion shoots to a whole new level, anywhere on the grid! Stop by the AMS Demo Site to try it out soon!

5 thoughts on “On-Location Fashion Photography

  1. Thanks for the post! Cerrie pointed me here because of my blog rant about how to point my eyes in one specific direction! Does this really work well in that area?

  2. Hey Thema, yes it does work! If you are a photographer working with a model, you simply ask your model to alt-click on a gaze point. This fixes the model’s eyes on that point. You can then use the position editor to move the gaze point around, and the model’s eyes will follow it. If you are doing self-portraiture, it gets a bit trickier. If you’re like me, you probably use alt-click to position the camera on your avatar to get the optimal angle. If you then alt-click on the gaze point – zap! – you’ve lost your angle. How to solve this? Stay tuned – I’m planning a series of posts on self-portraiture techniques soon 🙂

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