AMS Opens New Store @ LeeZu!

Ananke Media Systems (AMS), maker of the superb photographic studio PhotoStage, is delighted to announce the opening of a new AMS store at the prestigious To the Nines sim, right next door to LeeZu!


Just up the hill to the south of LeeZu! the spacious new AMS store carries the latest version of the AMS PhotoStage, 1.1.4, which features 15 new LeeZu! textures designed by LeeZu Baxter exclusively for PhotoStage. Check out the new textures in the demo backdrops available at the store.


The new AMS store also provides demo models of the AMS PhotoLite, a versatile on-location photographic toolkit, and the AMS PhotoStand, an elegant and sophisticated pose stand stuffed full of exclusive poses from Myllie Writer of Persona, Kali Mead and others.


Drop by the new AMS store soon to try out all these fine photographic tools from AMS, all optimized for Windlight and specially designed for photography in Second Life.


Please visit the AMS website for more information on all the AMS products. You can also try out PhotoStage, PhotoLite and PhotoStand at the original AMS store in Lady Vale.

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