AMS PhotoStage and LeeZu! Textures 1

AMS Announces 15 New LeeZu! Textures with PhotoStage

Ananke Media Systems (AMS) has just released a new update to PhotoStage featuring 15 exlusive backdrop textures by LeeZu Baxter of LeeZu! For a taste of these gorgeous textures, here’s Serenity modelling Moonlight, the latest LeeZu! dress from the Noir collection, using the new LeeZu! Femme Fatal texture with three different colour enhancements.


Each of the 15 LeeZu! textures have been optimized for the PhotoStage backdrop by LeeZu Baxter herself.


By loading the texture into the PhotoStage backdrop and then using the colour controls, you can achieve a multitude of different looks.


The Femme Fatal is one of 15 gorgeous textures from LeeZu! now available with PhotoStage. You can see all the new textures at the AMS store in Lady Vale and the new AMS store in To The Nines, right next door to LeeZu!


Femme Fatal Texture © 2009 LeeZu Baxter. All Rights Reserved.

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