AMS Releases PhotoSpin

Are you ready for the revolution?


Now Available at the new AMS PhotoSpin store!

Ananke  Media Systems introduces PhotoSpin. Using a backdrop you can resize to virtually any dimension, and rotate on any of the XYZ axes, PhotoSpin reinvents SL studio photography.

Offering unparalleled versatility and functionality, PhotoSpin marks a revolutionary advance in SL studio photography.

To try out a demo model of PhotoSpin, or purchase one of your own, visit the new AMS PhotoSpin store in Smaug (220, 232, 33), right next door to LionSkins.


  • LeeZu! Vienna Dress in Black (shirt layer and dress part 4)
  • LeeZu! Lea Pants in Black (pants and jacket layers)
  • Courtisane Devoue Sandal in Black
  • Balderdash Strange as Angels Necklace and Earrings in Verdant
  • LionSkins Cana Sunkiss 1
  • Truth Melissa Hair in Espresso (black and whites pack)
  • Detour Nails in Lacquer Vamp