Free Modelling Pose Stand

Ananke Media Systems, the makers of PhotoSpin, PhotoStage, PhotoLite, and PhotoTools Pro, have just released PhotoStand II Basic. The price: FREE!

This nifty little pose stand allows you to pose and then rotate the stand using spin and turn controls to obtain the best camera angles. PhotoStand II Basic also comes with three preloaded poses, and allows you to add as many poses as you want.

You can purchase the optional PhotoStand II HUD for just 119L. This equally nifty device puts all the PhotoStand II’s controls at your mouse-tips. Quickly select poses, and spin, turn or pin your stand without having to navigate through menus.

What’s not to like? Drop into any one of the AMS stores to pick up your FREE PhotoStand II Basic today!

AMS @ Smaug

AMS @ [LeeZu!]

AMS @ Lady Vale

In the Three Poses photo, Serenity wears:

[LeeZu!] NOiR Bon Voyage

Courtisane Devoue Sandals in Grayblack

Miel Lun Necklace and Earrings

LionSkins Cana Sunkiss 1

Truth Cyndi Hair in Treacle

One thought on “Free Modelling Pose Stand

  1. I have been frustrated with my old modeling stand. I often couldn’t seem to get an angle I wanted against the backdrop. With an outdoor shot when I have the camera at the angle I want for the shot, I might find the a tree growing out of my head, rather than next to me. Turning my AV seldom gives me exactly what I am looking for.

    I read about the PhotoStand II yesterday and immediately envisioned it solving my problem. I picked it up at Smaug and TP’d home to check it out. The controls are super easy, I could set it on the rotation speed of my choice and stop it exactly when I had the background I wanted.

    You can place your own poses in it, click on one in your inventory, or use it in conjunction with another system such as ZHAO you already have set up.

    I am so glad I saw the write-up on it!

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