Seven Seas Machinima

AvaGardner and Barbra Kungler opened their new store, Kunglers, on their beautiful new sim, Fashionate Island, just before Christmas. To celebrate they held the Seven Seas Fashion Show and Sim Opening, produced by Timeless Agency. In this machinima film, I tried to evoke the feeling of fresh tropical breezes and warm translucent skies that the Kunglers’ fashions and designs capture so well.

Watch the embedded video above, or go directly to my Youtube page to see a high resolution HD version. Be sure to click “Watch in HD” just below the viewer!

PhotoStage Video

The PhotoStage Launch event was a great success! Thank you to everyone who came out – we filled Alexander Beach to capacity, the first time that’s ever happened! Anessa Stine won the Photo Contest with her wonderful photo of model Payton Heron using a pose from Animah and wearing LeeZu Baxter Designs‘ PinkUp Dress. Congratulations Anessa!

If you weren’t able to make it, here’s the video I made as a “guided tour” of the PhotoStage:

You can also view the video at

This event was kindly sponsored by Animah, Corbing Carling Photography, InStyle Fashion Agency, J&J Photo and Design Studio, Kali Meads Studio, LeeZu Baxter Designs, Maitreya, OPIUM Everyday and Photos by Lolita. Many thanks to our sponsors for their generous contributions.

Beauty Rocks!


The final contestants for Second Life’s Miss Universe 2008 were announced at the Miss Costa Rica Pageant yesterday, and afterwards Callie Cline hosted one of the BEST SL PARTIES EVER at her Calliefornia beach resort. Pretty much everyone who is anyone in SL fashion showed up (who was online at the time, hehe). Beauty rocked the grid to the wee hours of the slt morning. For anyone who couldn’t make it, here’s my vid:

[splashcast NCDC5796AW]

Hope you enjoy! The region was packed full, creating tons of lag, so the frame rates are a bit jerky … but hey, just work it, beautiful!